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Club Challenge 2014

The KCMGCC Member Challenge is a year long event which awards points for members that attend various Club and sanctioned events throughout the year.  To participate all a member need do is print off this brochure and bring it to any event they attend. Then see one of the Club Officers attending the event and get it initialed.  Additionally, you can earn extra points for attending by wearing Club apparel at the event.

 For example; attend the monthly social and you could receive up to 4 points. 1 point for attending the Social, 1 point for driving a British car, 1 point for wearing a KCMGCC item and 1 point for wearing your KCMGCC issued Name Badge.  This is a great way to show off who we are and take pride in our club.  You can earn bonus points for Hosting an Event (5points) or  Volunteering to assist the Hosts of an Event (3 points).

New this year is the Other Activities categories. We will also be giving points for the Monthly Trivia question, attending other British events such as a National Register show, other British car club hosted shows, and runs. See the brochchure for futher information and how to record your points. One thing of note, in some categories you must be wearing the KCMGCC T-Shirt to receive points.

 At the end of the year all points will be tallied and the person with the most points will be awarded a special prize by the Club.  All Club members are eligible, this is an individual event so couples should each have their own brochure.

Here are the categories: Monthly Social, Attending a Club Event, Hosting an Event, Volunteering in advance to help during an event, Trivia Question, Other British Event, Sanctioned Events.

Wearing Club attire (consist of one or more of the following; Shirt, Jacket, Hat, Pin (only one point even if you have all 4 items on)

Wearing your Club Name Badge

 Club Challenge PDF